What’s the opposite of shame?

I want control, don't we all, I know what makes me whole, but it means I lose complete control, lose my mind, lose my senses. I think Perls meant something else, he meant abandon my ego, and I say admire the ones that do. Be still, be silent, stop trying, just surrender until the ticker... Continue Reading →

That’s OCD

Just an ordinary evening in June, the night is young so am I. Have you brushed your teeth? Yes! Don't sigh, fine, bye I'm off to bed. Eleven years old today, not that he would care, but something feels different a feeling that can't be shaken. Billows of thoughts intrude as I hit my restless... Continue Reading →

His mind is made up

It's in the air, filled up to the ceiling, an unspoken feeling that won't go away, just sitting in the dark, it's made its mark. No words are spoken for his soul is already broken, but those eyes say it all. It's deafening, the silence, now you can hear it loud and clear, it's okay... Continue Reading →

From hospitals to mountains

First day of the grueling but spectacular trek to Everest Base Camp. The first time I booked this trip I relapsed on drugs just days prior to my departure. I overdosed and went to hospital. It was incredibly disappointing. Worst of all I lost all confidence in my ability to recover. Managing my black and... Continue Reading →

Deep shallows

Usually our hearts cry and eyes remain dry but this wasn't why, in deep shallows of tears I drowned, don't ask how, there was no ease now, just fear and anger. I know you know suffering, and defeat, you're tired of trying to fill that void it's left us destroyed, am I right? I don't... Continue Reading →

Love like life

We reach for hands that fit our mould, and these hands I want to hold. I love the way you don’t let go, the way you rise above, thank you my love. Days with you are days in the sun so why do I run? Why retreat out of fear of a lovable duet? It's... Continue Reading →

Are you ok?

1 in 5 Australians are affected by mental illness, yet many don't ask for help. We're encouraged to talk about mental health, yet so few share their story. There's still strong judgment and stigma out there. Are you ok? That's a good start, it's become a mainstream conversation, but do people actually feel comfortable sharing... Continue Reading →

Lost Soul

I'm a rock, a rock feels no pain, can only stare blankly upon disdain as those that love you hurt you, what else can I do? I'm barely a teen, my insides scream when I hear everything will be okay you don't need to stay, I've heard these stale words before, who are you fooling?... Continue Reading →

Is this my depression talking?

On a cold summers day, the darkest day in December, I was left broken, my heart shattered. But I thought I'd be alright; I felt incredibly resilient. After years of sobriety and new ways of coping I believed a transcendence had taken place. I didn't need support. I was a Buddhist, I meditated, I ran... Continue Reading →

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