Are you ok?

1 in 5 Australians are affected by mental illness, yet many don't ask for help. We're encouraged to talk about mental health, yet so few share their story. There's still strong judgment and stigma out there. Are you ok? That's a good start, it's become a mainstream conversation, but do people actually feel comfortable sharing... Continue Reading →

Lost Soul

I'm a rock, a rock feels no pain, can only stare blankly upon disdain as those that love you hurt you, what else can I do? I'm barely a teen, my insides scream when I hear everything will be okay you don't need to stay, I've heard these stale words before, who are you fooling?... Continue Reading →

Is this my depression talking?

On a cold summers day, the darkest day in December, I was left broken, my heart shattered. But I thought I'd be alright; I felt incredibly resilient. After years of sobriety and new ways of coping I believed a transcendence had taken place. I didn't need support. I was a Buddhist, I meditated, I ran... Continue Reading →


I'm pulled backwards, will I continue to berate myself for making a mistake? For allowing the stake to fall in the storm. I should have known better! I'm an idiot! A failure! Or do I pick it up, drive the stake back into the mud. Yes I relapsed, yes I'm not okay, yes I shouldn't... Continue Reading →

Walk with the wise

Walk with the wise and become wise, walk with fools and you fall. Fall so low a stone wall is all you'll know. Choose my friends wisely I did not do. Foolishly I did not believe in powerlessness either, not anymore, I want to have control don't we all, but you see I lost complete... Continue Reading →

Heart on my sleeve

I was out so far this time, feelings of deep blue I was harbouring, that's what I was trying to kill but then there was excitement and fear of being caught in a tide. It's so strange the beauty and pain, it tore my heart out again and again so why do I still feel... Continue Reading →

Prolong the Gap

What is meditation? "When the past thought has ceased, and the future thought has not yet risen, there is a gap, well prolong it, that is meditation," Sogyal Rinpoche explained. For today I think I'll stop trying and just surrender. Trying to clear my mind is like controlling the uncontrollable. Challenging my thoughts and beliefs... Continue Reading →

Permanent Solution

I felt I couldn’t go on anymore and suicide seemed like a reasonable choice. The only choice. A rational decision. We’re just dust in the wind and oblivion is inevitable, right? In the other words my distress had no meaning, so what’s the point? I was on the edge, literally and metaphorically, in a shadow... Continue Reading →

We Sure Killed the Pain

I might die from the drugs but I sure killed the pain, the wheels are not falling off! I yell as I attempt to tie the strings of my cotton smock, I can't even look at their faces, why are they trying to save me? I don't belong here or anywhere, I'm a starving ghost... Continue Reading →

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