Savour the Mistakes

These words were
written in pain,
things will never
be the same,
it was meant to be painless.
Is there a power to erase?
Because it’s slipping
through my hands,
not what I had planned.
Reunion is so
the beauty and pain,
it always goes
too far,
the angel of death
is unforgiving.
Why does no body feel the
way I do about you now?
It ended but
I don’t know how,
grief is what’s left,
and mourning,
have I gone mad?
Or is it the world.
I was expecting
to be cured
to be matured.
I guess age is no guarantee
of wisdom,
but mistakes are,
We go from lost to found,
found to lost,
it’s never linear,
just feels inferior.
Maybe celebrate what makes you
go astray,
savour the
I’ll try to move forward as long as it


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