Lost Soul

I’m a rock,
a rock feels no pain,
can only stare blankly
upon disdain
as those that
love you hurt you,
what else can I do?
I’m barely a teen,
my insides scream
when I hear
everything will be okay
you don’t need to stay,
I’ve heard these stale
words before,
who are you fooling?
I look around,
nothing is out of place,
on the outside
it’s clean and pristine
like their words
but I’m already a teen
I understand pain
I see the damn
blood stain,
these broken
promises I carry
but these dead feelings
I won’t disturb,
I’m a rock, an island
watching from afar,
what else can I do?
Okay, I trust you
no more binges,
then I wake to my
door breaking
off it’s hinges.
That was then,
now I understand
what stems from
a lost soul,
made me whole.

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