Prolong the Gap

What is meditation? "When the past thought has ceased, and the future thought has not yet risen, there is a gap, well prolong it, that is meditation," Sogyal Rinpoche explained. For today I think I'll stop trying and just surrender. Trying to clear my mind is like controlling the uncontrollable. Challenging my thoughts and beliefs... Continue Reading →

It’s Contagious

Dark corners, whiskey, and Looney Tunes. Listening to how his life didn't quite crack up to what he wanted, what's the point he says. I'll be different I thought. Now standing in the cold looking down at those golden spirits glistering in the street light fills me with the same warmth and excitement. It's contagious... Continue Reading →

Savour the Mistakes

These words were written in pain, things will never be the same, it was meant to be painless. Is there a power to erase? Because it's slipping through my hands, not what I had planned. Reunion is so strange, the beauty and pain, it always goes too far, the angel of death is unforgiving. Why... Continue Reading →

Drunken Wrath

You say you love them but you hit them, use our insecurity as your security, she married a bully. Outside he took his seat and put the same beat on repeat. It played all night long, by 6am his song makes me tremble. This ain't accidental, his toxic version of masculinity went on for eternity,... Continue Reading →

Not the Hug I Wanted

I don't recognise anyone, they don't recognise me. A room full of people wouldn't make a difference, I just don't feel my own existence. Is it them or me? One second feels like eternity. Then all of a sudden a thousand cold knives are pressed against my skin. I realise it's not the hug I... Continue Reading →

I Pushed Her Away

Baby I can help, what can I do? I really wanted her too, but I couldn't separate us from the pain, and then I made it hers. I thought I'd be better on my own, to indulge in the pain, let my heart wane. I couldn't admit I didn't want my heart to go to... Continue Reading →

Sit with Me and Listen

Earth has music for those who listen. But he's too busy, he keeps time then fears it running out. I taught him to pause for a moment, sit here with me and listen. -mk

Codeine Love Affair

I discovered there is no rock bottom, just an endless pit. But I fell in love with the chase, the substance, the numbness. A warm blanket wrapped around my body as I sank into the floor, I was safe, but I wanted more. Oblivious to the cost eventually the things I hold dear were lost.... Continue Reading →

Listen with Eyes and Heart

Connection allows healing but how do we connect to others? Advice, finding positives and normalising when someone shares something painful isn't always the best thing to do. Simply acknowledging someone's hardship can be more powerful than giving advice, and looking at the bright side early on can minimise their experience and drive disconnection. Positives and... Continue Reading →

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