On the Edge

I did my best, I opened the wound and pulled out the bloody mess. Now I find myself on the edge again grasping for air, and as earth falls into the void I can finally be still, relief is what I feel. I wish there was an insightful conclusion, a reason why. But maybe that's... Continue Reading →

Isn’t Always Linear

For miles it's barren, lifeless. Air, thin, too thin to breathe. Path, gone, giants lead the way now. This bag, heavy. Mask, stifling. I see the emptiness ahead of me where everything is. I'm scared of what they're saying, of the worst to come. I'm closer to heaven yet feels like hell. Food, tasteless. Day,... Continue Reading →

Where am I?

My eyelids begin to move. I slowly open them but the sun is bright and piercing. It hurts my eyes. I shut them immediately. I’m so cold. I can't stop shivering. I’m frozen to the core and fixed in this position. I can't move any part of my body except my eyes. Where I am?... Continue Reading →

Love is Listening

Love is listening. Listening with the intent, not to reply or to solve, to understand. When words are heard with eyes and heart we heal. Listening is healing. -mk

I Couldn’t Find My Way Anymore

I could have stopped but I was finally free. When I wanted to, I couldn't, it robbed me of it entirely. Now there was only rage, fear and anguish disguised as rage. When grief poured out it stained red, when rubber screamed bricks bled, metal tore, I couldn't find my way anymore. When the smoke... Continue Reading →

We Just Healed Differently

These are just words, gentleness and love, hardness and hate. In the end he became like him, he took the title but not the responsibility. He became what he hated most, what we feared. And with mud in his eyes which tore my heart I wished him well, but he still could not see. The... Continue Reading →

Escape The Chaos

Recently someone asked me what antidepressants feel like. I instantly imagined the feeling I get when I'm around animals. Animals have a power to stop time and the incessant stream of pointless ruminanting. If thoughts are like cars driving past then my mind is like an endless motorway packed with racing cars going in both... Continue Reading →

What I Wish He Said

Once warmth in my chest now pain in my lungs, but who knew. It now creeps in with a vengeance always uninvited it settles in its place. It makes me think it's normal not to care, like someone I once knew. The truth is sometimes the bravest thing you can do is face the day,... Continue Reading →

What Can I Do To Help?

"What can I do to help?" An incredibly difficult question to answer. But I try my best, even though all I want to do isolate. Answering is important, loved ones are also affected; helplessness is a horrible feeling. Depression can come out of no where and sometimes for no reason, at least that's how it... Continue Reading →

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